Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Terrific Tool Tuesday ~ Awesome Websites

Terrific Tool Tuesday

I am so sorry that my break became an extended long break from Terrific Tool Tuesdays. I am going to ease back into these posts this week with some of my favorite inspirational websites.

Design Seeds - Obviously quilters and other artists need color inspiration. Design Seeds is one of many websites that post stunning pictures with inspiration color palettes daily. 

I personally love this  second picture here and I may have to make a quilt in that combination soon.

Palette Builder by Play-Crafts is a website that pulls a color palette from pictures you find inspiring. From a Google search I found this picture of a beautiful sunrise. 

I saved it to my desktop and uploaded the image into the Palette Builder website to get my very own color palette. 

PosteRazor is a site I just stumbled on yesterday. I haven't had any time to try it out, but I believe it will be amazingly useful. This is actually a program you download and not a website. So make sure all your spy-ware and antivirus programs are up to date, just in case. This program allows you to make posters from images you find on the web, or your own images. You can blow the image up to whatever size you want and then save it as a PDF to print off. Of course you may have to print it off on more than one sheet. 

Check out Katie from Katie's Quilts and Crafts, and her post about how she used PosteRazor to make her stunning Painted Dahlia mini quilt

And finally Incompetech is a website where you can print shapes for English paper piecing. You can print hexagonsequilateral trianglestrapezoids, and octagons. Just put in the size of the shape you want and save the file to your computer to print off. 

How about you? Have you come across an amazing website for inspiration or even a free program that you find useful for quilting or sewing? Please feel free to share them! 

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February 12, 2013 at 10:27 PM

I've used this http://vrya.net/quilt/flash/QuiltCalc_Loader.html online Quilting Calculator when I'm trying to determine how much yardage I need for each shape, or when I'm trying to determine quantities for my patterns. It's super simple and easy to use.

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