Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shopping Tips ~ Swagbucks, Shopkick, and Ebates, Oh MY!

I have been meaning to do this post for a little while, to share with you some websites and apps I use to get sewing books and supplies for cheap. My most recent purchase was In the Studio by Angela Walters, Word Play Quilts and a Supreme Slider from, all for only $4.

And Heather Ross Prints, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and Clover Black Gold quilting needles from Amazon, all for $2.

How do I do it?

First of all, I have an Amazon rewards credit card and use it as my main credit card. For each purchase I get points back, 3% on purchases, 2% on restaurants, drugstores and gas, and 1% back on everything else. These points accumulate and at the end of the month when you log into Amazon you will see a record of how many points you have to use towards Amazon purchases (any purchases on Amazon, even the marketplace vendors). Every 100 points =$1. You can read more about the Amazon Visa here.

Then I also use Swagbucks. Once you sign up for an account you can search the web, watch video clips, take surveys, or even clip and use coupons to earn "Swagbucks." Every 450 swagbucks you earn you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card. Even if you don't want to do the surveys (and most of them I am disqualified for anyway) if you just take their daily poll and click through their "NOSO" (No Obligation Special Offers) you can earn 3 points everyday. After roughly 5 months you can earn a Amazon gift card. I normally use Google Chrome as my main browser and I set the search engine for the Swagbucks search. On a good day you can average 20 swagbucks from just searches you would normally do anyway, getting you to your reward a lot faster. I just did a search for this blog post and ended up 39 swagbucks from one search alone today.

Another site I just stumble across recently was mPoints. During my little one's naptime I allow my boys to play on the iPads to keep them quite so I can get a little mommy time in to sew or just relax. One of the games they like to play is called Office Jerk. I am definitely not winning mother of the year for this one, but the boys love to throw things at the guy and through playing this game you can earn mPoints. They also offer you bonus mPoints to watch short videos from their sponsors  You can redeem mPoints for Amazon gift cards also (roughly $1 per 1000 points). A list of all the supported mPoints games is here.

Another website I frequent is Ebates. Ebates is a website that offers you cash back through purchases from online retailers like Kohls, Target,, and For example, any online purchases from is earning 5% cash back right now and Kohl's is giving you 6% back which is saved up and then once every 3 or 4 months you get either a check in the mail or money deposited directly into your Paypal account. In the year that I have been participating in Ebates, I have earned almost $70 back, mainly from Christmas purchases from Kohls. One of the drawbacks I have learned though is on some retailers you have to use the coupon codes offered through Ebates  so if you receive a 30% off coupon code in the mail from Kohls but Ebates only has a 20% off code you will not get cash back if you use your code from your mail. A little confusing to understand, so you can read more information here if you would like. By the way, you can use any coupon code for - that store still credits you the cash back.

And finally I found an app called Shopkick for iPhone and Android. This app you download on your phone and you get "Kicks" for just walking into a store, scanning some merchandise or buying products from that store. Each store is different, for example you can earn "kicks" from Target for walking into the store (usually 35, but they always have special days where you can earn 300 kicks for walking in that day only) and scanning products. But stores like Toys R Us only offer kicks on purchases made in the store (not online). You have to link a credit card to your Shopkick account if you want to earn kicks from purchases. Then you can redeem your kicks for Target, Best Buy, Starbucks gift cards, or even Coach bags and movie tickets. I have had the Shopkick app on my phone for a month and have earned 3280 kicks - almost all from shopping at Target and scanning at Target. You can redeem a $2 Target gift card for every 500 kicks. In a month I have earned enough kicks to redeem a $10 target gift card already, but just to let you know our Target also sells food, so I do a lot of my grocery shopping there also.

This is a lot of information, but again I hope you have found this useful and maybe even discovered some apps and websites to help you save some money. It is a great time to sign up for any of these sites, as they start to offer more incentives during the holiday season. And just to be honest, I do get a little bit back on sites like ShopkickEbates, and Swagbucks for referring new members.


December 11, 2012 at 7:03 AM

Great money savings tips, Kelly. Thanks.

May 20, 2014 at 2:11 PM

Another great site is It's a lot like swagbucks, but soooo much better. In my opinion their ways to earn are just a lot cooler.. like watching youtube, searching google, making suggestions, and the idea wall. The hyperactive points (bonus points every 9 minutes) and 8% of referrals points for life is what I like the most though.
Between that and the $10 for reading strategies and tutorials, I think its pretty awesome. If you want more tips/help after you read the strategies, feel free to email me at :)

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