Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Terrific Tool Tuesday ~ Spoonflower Custom Fabric

Terrific Tool Tuesday

Today's terrific tool is actually an addicting website. Have you heard of Spoonflower? The website that allows you to print your own custom fabric? If you haven't heard of them, you need to go check them out. Not only can you make and print your own fabric designs, but if you can get unique fabric prints from thousands of other designers like yourself. One of the best options of Spoonflower is you can have the desired fabric printed on different types of fabric, or even made into wallpaper and wall decals!

I recently used Spoonflower to print off some tags I created in Photoshop for my website

Image via Spoonflower

And I also created quilt labels small enough to print out on their swatch size (8 inches x 8 inches). I was able to easily print 4 quilt labels on one swatch. Below is the actual fabric I received, except I blurred out my name and city.

Although you can allow others to buy your fabric designs, you do not have to sell any fabric image that you upload to the Spoonflower site. But if you do want to have the option of getting Spoonflower credits, you can opt to sell your creations. You can read all about how Spoonflower works and how to create your images on their FAQ page.

And now is the best time to try Spoonflower! Normally their fat quarters range in price from $11 to $19  depending on what type of fabric you print on, but right now they are having a buy one get one fat quarter free deal through 10/31. That means you can get a steal on custom fat quarters, for as little as $5.50 each!

Do you need some ideas on what fat quarters to buy?

How about a cut and sew purse?

The birdie bag
Picture courtesy of designer addilou via Spoonflower 

Or an adorable cut and sew doll for your little girl?

Amelia and her kittens

Picture courtesy of designer stacyiesthsu via Spoonflower

Or Cornelius the Unicorn? (Note the full sized Cornelius requires 5 yards of the fabric below, but you can buy a fat quarter version that is about 8 inches in size)

Cornelius the Giant Unicorn
Picture courtesy of designer elizabeth@spoonflower via Spoonflower

Giant Plush Unicorn
Picture courtesy of designer elizabeth@spoonflower via Flickr

Maybe you want some special fabric for a quilt?

Wake Up Call - Quilt Block
Picture courtesy of designer ttoz via Spoonflower

Or are you a Heather Ross fan?

Picture courtesy of designer heatherross via Spoonflower

Picture courtesy of designer heatherross via Spoonflower

Can you imagine pairing Spoonflower with Heather Ross's book, Heather Ross Prints? With the digital prints from the book you can change the color and have Spoonflower print off your own version of her design. While I wish I had discovered this book sooner, it is now on my wish list and will probably be one of my next book purchases.

You can even buy "Cheater" quilt fabric, although you will want to go for at least a yard of these prints. Cheater fabric is fabric that when you purchase it by the yard, it looks like a quilt, all you need to do is add batting and the back, quilt and bind. 

Rainbow Cheater Quilt and Twirly Skirt
Picture courtesy of designer sew-me-a-garden via Spoonflower

Wake Up Call - Chevron Cheater Quilt by ttoz

Wake Up Call - Chevron Cheater Quilt
Picture courtesy of designer ttoz via Spoonflower

Just be careful on what size fabric the print is designed for. There is a pull down menu on the right hand side of the fabric page where you can change the size of the print, and the preview will change accordingly (you can preview up to 5 yards).

And now that I have shown you so many different things you can do with Spoonflower, I hope you have fun picking up some fun fat quarters while the sale is still on. Hurry it ends Wednesday! I still have to make up my mind on which prints of the above I want to order! I am currently at 6 FQs!


October 30, 2012 at 6:54 AM

You are so my favorite person right now! I have been wanting to buy some fabric there, but it was so expensive. I had no idea they were having a sale right now. Thanks for the tip!

October 30, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Thanks for the news about the sale! I loved the prints you put on your post and bought the unicorn and the doll along with several other fat quarters! Fun times ahead!

October 30, 2012 at 6:59 PM

Wow this looks like a wonderful site to explore especially with a sale going on.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

October 31, 2012 at 7:58 AM

I didn't know they were having a sale thank you!!!! Gotta go spend more money lol.

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